Sunday, 19 July 2015

Weekend results

First of all my ludicrous cricket bets are losers. Aussies surely will go on to win the series. No more bets here for me.

In the golf, it's all down to Danny W tomorrow. My outright selections were scuppered by their first round draws and despite a rally by Fowler today it's a huge task for him to make the frame.

Danny is level on -9 with Rose and as latter is odds on for the English accolade we can't hedge. Particularly with Pepperell just one shot back.

Terrible horse selection Saturday: John Caesar. Looked dreadful animal albeit in a moderate grade and also an awkward ride. Finished fourth of course which many ew selections seem to when three places are up for grabs!

At least Farron has weighed in as Lib Dem leader. Looks like VC and PP are going to payout, having gone through the administrative hoops it seems are necessary when accounts have been closed and there are unresolved bets there on. That helps the annual figures but it's at moments like this I think: is it all worth it? But of course that's what the bookmakers are hoping you are thinking (if you are in front).

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