Saturday, 11 July 2015

Next party leader betting

When Victor Chandler closed my account in July 2011 I had several ante-post bets outstanding. One of those became a winner in summer 2013 when Mourhino became Chelsea manager again (Next English club = 16/1). Was the bet settled immediately? Was it hell. I had to make the contact and then supply numerous pieces of ID including my passport to get paid out. This was despite being the same person, at the same address with the same bank account and debit card.

So it will be interesting to see what happens with regard to my Tim Farron bets when, as everyone is expecting (currently 1/14), he is elected the new leader of the Lib Dem party next week. I have two bets with them dating from December 2010. My plan is not to make contact until seven days after the announcement - if it comes. Let's see what happens..

Elsewhere in the Con next leader market I have a decent book with long term bets on T May at 20/1 and 12/1 and, more importantly it would seem, G Osborne at 12/1 (placed in March this year).

Following the budget, George Osborne is now a best price 3/1.

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