Thursday, 30 June 2016


I seem to be doing better with my selections since the blog betting closed last November! At least in percentage terms. We are now in a very strong position with the two advised bets on Theresa May. They were placed/advised in 2011 (@ 20/1) and 2013 (@ 12/1). There is a potential profit on the two bets of 78 points (less two points lost on George). Full details here:

ante-post portfolio

Rather like the situation with the Trump bet, for the Republican nomination, there is an opportunity to lock in some profits as May is trading at odds-on for the Con gig. She is priced @ 1.73 to lay as I write. I don't intend to advise you, I just thought you should be aware of the situation when dusting down those ante-post slips!

As for the Trump bet advised @ 20/1, it was placed with Betfred who paid out earlier this month - even though the result is not 100% certain.