Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Tuesday racing

Just shows you the value of concessions. Yesterday's ew selection at Galway - Hat Alnasar - finished fourth in the 14-runner handicap. Normally a losing bet but because of PP's extra place special our bet is paid out as a place @ 16/1 SP 1/4 odds (the SP is BOG and better than the 20/1 rule 4 price taken). Therefore we break-even on the race rather than taking a loss. 

Today I'm plays at Goodwood as follows: 

16:20G 4pts win Double Up @ 3/1 Betfred BOG
16:20G 1pt win Ridge Ranger @ 16/1 Skybet BOG

Five points staked. 

Also having a bet at Galway (to follow shortly). 

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  1. Mike..you need to recommend more forecasts! I had another smallish result with a reverse forecast on top of advice given.