Monday, 19 October 2015

Restricted betting

Today is one of those days when restricted betting is a good thing! That's because I've lost less than I would have done had I been able to place bets in the sizes I wanted to.

Nevertheless it was a disappointing couple of races, particularly the 15:10P where my selection Pamushana was backed as though defeat was out of the question: from 7/1 to 3/1 favourite only to finish a poor fourth.

Back to the subject of restricted betting. There was an interesting programme yesterday on Radio Five Live which you should listen to if you've not already done so. It's called Five Live Investigates and was broadcast at 11am. There are two subjects discussed and betting is the second item starting around 11:40.

In general, this subject is getting more coverage in the media and two recent articles illustrate this:

Guardian - Ladbrokes

Guardian - punter accounts

Whether this increased exposure will lead anywhere remains to be seen.....

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