Sunday, 4 October 2015


Update earlier than expected but prices are more settled now:

13:35L 1pt win Herald The Dawn @ 9/2 Betfred BOG 

15:40L 0.75pts ew Maarek @ 14/1 Bet365 (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4) 
15:40L 0.75pts ew Steps @ 18/1 Bet365 (1/4 odds 1,2,3,4)  

Note few books offer first four ew in 15:40. Those that do include B365, Betfred and Sky. 

In the Arc I've played a miracle forecast or two. Treve's pacemaker is drawn two and I'm hoping my selections, drawn three and four can tuck in behind. Anyway: 

14:55L 6 x 0.25pts comb forecast New Bay, Eagle Top and Erupt (1.5 points) 
14:55L 2x 0.5pts straight forecasts Treve to beat Eagle Top or Erupt (1 point) 

I have done my forecasts with Bet365, BOG, with prices locked in as follows: NB 11/2, ET 33/1, E 25/1 and T 5/4

Good luck if you're involved. 

Total 6.5 points. 

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