Monday, 29 January 2018

Sweet Caroline

I backed both Carolines for the Australian Open: Wozniacki and Garcia. Not my only bets as I played three other women too. Nevertheless a great result as Woza obliged @ 33/1. My total stakes on the women's event were eight points (plus a three point loss on the men's). So final calculation is:

Total Australian Open stakes 11 points returns 51.5 points profit 40.5 points.

What I have learned over the last six months (in particular) is not to play match bets (unless hedging an outright position). I just cannot get a winning margin in these H2H plays. Far better for me to concentrate on the outright markets which have proved so successful in recent times.

Since the US Open, winners including 66/1, 12/1 and now 33/1 has meant total tennis stakes of 34 points returns of 174.5 points and thus a profit of 140.5 points. (All bets advised on Twitter).

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